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Anatomy of a Door

The horizontal components located at the top, bottom, and mid-sections of the door that extend between the stiles and frame the panels and lites.

The vertical components located at the left and right edges of the door.


A framed opening in a door containing a pane of glass. click here for glass options

Muntin Bars
The narrow horizontal and/or vertical bars in a door lite that separate the individual panes of glass. click here for muntin bar options

The solid sections for the doors that are framed by the stiles and rails. click here for panel profile options

Panel Profile

The dimensional shape exposed edge of the outside perimeter of the panel. click here for panel profile options

The profile that is moulded into the stiles and rails to frame and encase the panels or lites. click here for sticking options

The method used to join the door stiles to the top, bottom and lock rails. Examples include mortise & tenon, dowels, beaded mortise & tenon, lag screws or bolts. click here for panel profile options

  Door Shapes
  Taking into consideration the architectural style of your home or the look that you want to achieve,
Captiva Wood Doors are available in our standard shapes of Square, Arched or Round. We also make
Custom Door top shapes which are often used in churches, reproduction projects,
commercial applications or homes that require a truly unique look.


Ductch and Clipped Corner Doors
Dutch doors are divided horizontally into two components, allowing you to open the bottom
and top portions of the door independently of each other. Dutch doors can keep children and pets safely
enclosed while light and air circulate. Dutch doors add a colonial New England charm. Clipped corner doors
are designed to fit under a stairwell, attic space, or room with slanted ceilings. They are also used in many
historic applications.


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