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There are no substitutes for Solid-Wood Doors.
The sturdy materials used are expensive initally,
but they pay for themselves in building character
and durability in the long run. Natural building materials
like wood have an organic beauty that cannot be
reproduced by synthetic substitutes.

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Interior and Exterior Doors
To help you coordinate all of the doors in your home, Captiva doors are made for both interior and exterior use. Builders, architects, and designers often consider the interior and exterior doors as two different design elements. Captiva allows both the interior and exterior doors to be supplied by one manufacturer with matching details in panels, sticking, and specie. As pictured above, matching the species of wood for all your doors, even if the individual designs of the door are not the same, will give you a unified look throughout the home while maintaining visual interest

Door Thickness

We offer three standard door thicknesses: 1-3/8", 1-3/4", and 2-1/4". Our 1-3/8" doors are recommended and warranted for interior use only.


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Captiva Online Spec Book
Our interactive online specifications book allows you to view any of our door styles and
download the drawing into a CAD file or print it out for your reference.

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