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CAPTIVA SELECT DOORS vs. CAPTIVA TRADITIONAL DOORS. We are proud to offer two series of Captiva Wood Doors. Our Captiva Select Doors offer you all the well-crafted beauty of the finest wood door with a two year warranty. Our Captiva Traditional Doors are constructed the way craftsmen have been making doors for centuries, using traditional mortise and tenon joinery.

Constructed to the highest specifications, these doors
use state-of-the-art Beaded Mortise and Tenon joinery combined with stave core stiles to ensure that every door
is straight and true for years.
With traditional mortise and tenon joinery, stave core stiles and rails, and 1/4" veneers, these doors are made for the purest who appreciates a door that is made using classic door making methods.
Premium Series Door Beaded Mortise and Tenon
Tight fitting beaded mortise and tenon joinery is far superior to
the doweled joints that most
other door manufacturers use.
Our beaded mortise and tenon provides more surface area
for glue adhesion vastly
increasing the strength of
the joint.
Custom Series Doors Traditional Mortise and Tenon
Simple and strong, the mortise and tenon joint has been used for millennia by woodworkers around the world to join two pieces of wood. We've kept up
the tradition by using this time tested method of joinery in our Captiva Traditional series doors.
Premium Solid Rails
Solid Rails
Optional stave core
rails available

Premium Stave Core Stiles
Stave Core Stiles
with 1/8" Veneers

Custom Stave Core Rails
Stave Core Rails
with 1/4" Veneers

Custom Stave Core Stiles
Stave Core Stiles
with 1/4" Veneers

Custom Stave Core Stiles
Solid Cap on Top Stiles
Hides the Stave Core

2 YEAR WARRANTY - read more
10 Year for Interior Doors.
Captiva Select Doors meet AWI Premium
standards and specifications when book match
panels are specified.
5 YEAR WARRANTY - read more
10 Year for Interior Doors
10 Year Extended Warranty available.
Captiva Traditional doors meet AWI Premium
standards and specifications when
book match panels are specified.


Standard Stile and Rail Dimensions.
Below find the standard stile and rail dimensions that we use when constructing our Premium and
Custom Series doors. If your project requires specific dimensions, we will be happy to modify these
dimensions for our Captiva Traditional series doors.
Note: Dimensions include sticking.

Standard Stile and Rail Dimensions


Stave Core Construction
This environmentally friendly method of construction uses laminated, stable, wood core sandwiched between solid veneers and matching edges for a stile or rail that are superior for preventing warping or distortion. Traditional Series doors have a solid wood top rail cap on stiles for a finished look. (Not available on Select Series).

Stave Core Construction

Details Matter
A solid cap hides the core on top stiles; stanard on Traditional Series doors only.
Stave Core Construction  

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